Constipation is a condition in which a person has few bowel movements, usually less than three, in a week. If you have this condition, you are likely to experience difficulties during bowel movements. These difficulties result from desiccated and hard stools that are difficult to pass. Constipated people may also experience incomplete evacuation. Consuming the required amounts of fiber and engaging in physical activities on a daily basis can boost bowel movements and regularity. Staying hydrated also improves regularity. Some of the foods we consume every day might cause constipation. Yogurt is one of such foods. It is necessary to consult a medical practitioner for advice, especially when the physical symptoms of the condition are adverse.

Dairy Products and Constipation

Yogurt and ConstipationSome people may suffer from constipation after consuming some dairy products. For example, regular consumption of yogurt may cause constipation. Other related products like cream, ice cream, cheese, milk, and butter may also lead to constipation problems. People who are sensitive to the protein casein, which is found in several dairy products, are also likely to suffer from constipation. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a physician for advice to know what the cause might be.

Keeping your Food Journal

One method of determining whether yogurt contributes to constipation is to keep a journal about the dairy foods you consume. Keep the journal for about two weeks. The journal should record every food or drink you take within this period. It is also vital to keep a record of one’s bowel movements. In case you consume yogurt on a daily basis, it may be a cause of your constipation. However, other foods included in the diet may contribute to the problem. Based on this information, it is important to keep a record for the purposes of identifying the link between certain foods and constipation. A journal may also help to discover certain trends, especially for people who intend to eliminate certain foods from their diets in order to boost regularity.

The Elimination Stage

Yogurt and ConstipationAfter completing the journal for some weeks, do not include yogurt in the diet. Continue writing down notes about bowel movements and the foods you consume. Ensure that you do not make dietary changes or alter other influential factors during this period. Other factors that should not be changed include your lifestyle. Exclude only yogurt from the diet and continue taking meals without yogurt for about two weeks. This strategy helps the body to respond to the changes and causes the necessary improvements in case yogurt plays a part in causing constipation.

If there are no improvements within two weeks, your problem might be resulting from something else. In this case, visit a physician for assistance.

What Else Causes Constipation?

If removing yogurt from the diet does not have positive effects on your regularity, consider removing other related dairy products for the next two weeks or more. The products that should be eliminated include cheese, milk, butter, and cream. If this strategy fails to produce positive results, talk to a doctor to assist in identifying the possible causes of the condition.

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