Constipation in children: More of a problem than you think

Does your child have symptoms of constipation? If so it could have a negative impact on your child. ADHD and asthma in children cost parents large amounts of money as these conditions are ongoing and constipation can cost just as much.

About Constipation

Most people understand the condition of constipation to be bowel movements which are difficult or not often enough. A common question asked is just how infrequent can one have bowel movements before it’s considered constipation? The answers are different depending on who you ask.

Handling Constipation in ChildrenGoing once in two days is viewed by some medical personnel to be appropriate. Typical stool elimination can occur one to three times each day or one to three times each week and most doctors deem that normal as it depends on the individual.

One time every day our bowels should move, according to those who believe in natural healing. Many believe bowl movements should occur after eating each main meal, that makes two to three visits to the restroom every day. Using this definition means most of us would be constipated according to these standards.

Common sense is needed when debating the issue of the definition of constipation. If you can imagine eating a meal of let’s say a hamburger and having to wait up to seventy-two hours before going to the bathroom, it would mean that food sat in your digestive system for that long as well. If the same food was left out on the table or counter for that amount of time and at the same temperature as your body the chances of it going bad are high. That’s why natural healers believe if food stays in your system that long it putrefies, thus releasing toxins that our bodies have to manage.

Clearing Constipation

Handling Constipation in ChildrenBefore turning to laxatives, either OTC or prescribed, for your child you have some natural therapies you should consider. Some of the side effects of using laxatives that are not natural are adverse.

Vegetables as well as fruits are the first and obvious sources for natural relief of constipation. Foods that tend to cause constipation are foods which are refined and foods from fast food restaurants. These types of foods should be limited or stopped entirely. Psyllium and flax seeds can relieve constipation. and they can be used long term as long as there is a decent amount of water taking in as well.

Another option which has been proven effective is prune juice. Need more push? Use a supplement of stimulating herbs. Aloe latex, senna leaves, and cascara sagrada bark contain the natural chemicals to get the bowel contracting.

When talking about not only the short term health but also long term health it’s critical to have good bowel habits. Both old and young and all those in between should attempt to get their digestive system healthy and keep it that way. Don’t wait for constipation to happen follow a diet which will work for you.

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