The available data reveals that about 15% of people in America contract constipation. Persons suffering from constipation have less than 3 bowel movements within seven days. Such people may also experience pain or difficulties when passing stool. The type of diet you choose can aid in the treatment of constipation. Therefore, it is important to know which types of food might cause constipation. It is also crucial to know which types of food can reduce the risk of contracting the disease or offer you some relief if you are already experiencing the problem.

Processed Foods

Fiber-Rich Foods for Children Suffering from ConstipationPersons who have constipation are advised to avoid processed foods. These foods have certain characteristics that increase the likelihood of developing constipation, unlike other foods. For instance, processed foods have low amounts of fiber. Low-fiber foods are among the common causes of the problem. The role of fiber-rich foods in the body is to increase the size of stool and attract water, which helps in softening the stool and making it easy for stool to pass through the intestines.

Based on this knowledge, it is worthwhile to replace foodstuffs containing refined grains with foodstuffs containing whole grains. Foods containing whole grains can help in increasing fiber consumption and relieving constipation. It is also vital to take large quantities of fluids alongside consuming fiber-rich foods to avoid digestive-related problems like bloating and gas.

Eggs and Meat

Different types of foods have different effects on different people. However, eggs and meat are some of the foods that might cause constipation in most people. Constipation may occur if these foods are taken in large amounts without including foods with large quantities of fiber. A research published in a Korean journal in 2013 revealed that school-going children who consumed meat one or several times in a day were at a higher risk of developing constipation compared to children who did not consume meat often. Consider consuming legumes as protein sources instead of meat. Consume peas and beans because they have high amounts of fiber. They are also low in fat compared to eggs and meat.

Dairy Foods that Cause Constipation

Fiber-Rich Foods for Children Suffering from ConstipationSome dairy products can cause constipation if you consume them in large quantities. Some of the dairy foods that might cause constipation include cheese, milk, yoghurt, and ice cream. These foods are likely to cause constipation in children compared to adults. Nonetheless, cheese is among the dairy products that often cause constipation in adults. However, it does not mean that you should not consume the aforementioned foods. You should moderate your consumption and take them with foods that are rich in fiber.

Other Foods that May Cause Constipation

A research published in a European journal in 2005 revealed that chocolate, black tea, and bananas are considered as constipating foods. People with constipation should eat berries, apricots, raisins, prunes, peaches, and plums instead of bananas. These fruits play a significant role in relieving constipation. It is also essential to replace black tea with other drinks such as herbal tea, prune juice, and water. Also, regulate the quantity of chocolate you consume.

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