Relieve Constipation Rapidly with These Five Ways

Your bowels should move at least once each day and be formed properly and released smoothly. Hydration, fiber, vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, enzymes, and probiotics are all necessary in keeping regular bowel movements. Prescribed and OTC laxatives destroy a person’s ability to evacuate their bowels naturally. Using naturally occurring laxatives and stool softeners is an alternative.

Here are five ways to maintain digestive system health.


5 Ways to Stay RegularMaintaining this mineral in your body in sufficient amounts is crucial to your digestive system. Magnesium helps with the functioning of muscles and reduces inflammation as it encourages enzymes.

People who suffer from constipation have enzymes which are not functioning well. Inflammation occurs, sometimes in excess. Magnesium could aid if this is the case, and should be taken in its liquid form, choose one with no added sugars, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavor.

Spring Water

Lubrication is the key to good digestion, and bowel movements. Dehydration makes it difficult for the digestive system to function properly. Water which contains minerals is the best way to lubricate your system.

Not all water is the same. Water from the tap can contain toxins, and toxins are a main contributor to irregular bowel movements. Even water which has undergone reverse osmosis or been distilled does not have what your body needs to lubricate the digestive system.

A spring which has been approved is best to get the water from. If one is not available in your area, then a filtration system using sea salt is a great alternative.


5 Ways to Stay RegularBy using Chia you may be able to end your constipation quickly. It’s make up of fats, fibers, and antioxidants which have anti-parasitic characteristics nourish the digestive system. Toxins are removed from the system as they’re flushed out by the Chia.

Soaking Chia in water enhances its ability to aid in the relief of constipation.


Fermented cabbage also known as Sauerkraut is also helpful in relieving constipation. Nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics are abundant in this super-food. Feces which has become impacted can be softened to the point it breaks down as the mix of nutrients, probiotics and enzymes in Sauerkraut works in the digestive system.

Hydrating and lowering inflammation in the digestive track also occurs with use.

An unpasteurized Sauerkraut is most beneficial to aid in the relief of constipation due to the fact it has more of what is necessary to promote good digestive health.

Coconut kefir

5 Ways to Stay RegularA beverage which is fermented. This drink has healing abilities for your digestive track. Probiotics, nutrients, and enzymes come together to make a healthy system. In much the same way Sauerkraut helps with digestive health, coconut kefir lubricates and seeds the digestive system.

Fecal matter which has become impacted is softened then broken down then moved from the digestive track quickly.

By integrating these five ways to improve your digestive system you can control bouts of constipation. Reducing stress, adding exercise, and getting your environment and diet cleaned up will help you end constipation in your life.

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