Asian Remedy offers Healthy Substitute for Laxatives

Chronic constipation affecting your life? You’re not alone. An estimated eighty percent of Americans will have problems with constipation at some time. Medical treatment is sought after by at least two point five million people in the United States. Constipation is the number one complaint when it comes to the digestive system, diarrhea is a close second. A lot of different medicines are prescribed by physicians and hey aren’t always successful, sending patients to seek natural alternatives.

Looking for natural cures because of the undesirable side effects of prescribed and over the counter medications for constipation, people seek natural alternatives. Fortunately, constipation, bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and other complications in the bowels have natural remedies which alleviate problems with the digestive tract.

Try This Ancient Asian Laxative RemedyWhen chosen at the appropriate times and correctly processed, a few Tibetan herbs can be used in restoring regular, healthy functioning of the bowels. Ginger fruit, rhubarb root, elecampagne fruit, and mirabolan fruit combine to make up Ibistrol, an ancient concoction using Tibetan wisdom.

For the regulation of bowel function, Ibistrol is considered the remedy which is most effective. Many clinical studies have been done on Ibistrol, a remedy which has been used for thousands of years. The digestive system is strengthened and balanced and energy flow is enhanced, strengthening intestinal muscles which encourages movement in the small and large intestines.

Long-term use of Ibistrol is safe, unlike laxatives. Ibistrol normalizes bowel function rather than forcing it. The safety of Ibistrol is obvious in the fact if one dose doesn’t relieve constipation you can take another one to bring on a movement. Double dosing is not considered safe using normally prescribed medications or over the counter medications. Ibistrol has no harsh side effects so double dosing does not hurt the body the way drugs do.

Try This Ancient Asian Laxative RemedyIbistrol is used by people who are going on long trips to help with regularity which is often interrupted by change. Traveling involves much time in a form of transportation where regular functioning of the digestive system cannot occur. People are made to wait to use the restroom, and that leads to digestive problems. When you add in the effect of sitting for long periods of time while traveling you have a recipe for constipation. People who lead difficult lifestyles take this to be sure their digestive system is working on a consistent basis and not having negative effects on their lifestyle.

A difficult lifestyle full of work and family duties can keep a person so busy they have little time to give to regulating their bowel movements.

Users of mainstream laxatives have switched over to use Ibistrol, and love the effects. The pain, bloating, and overall discomfort of constipation can cause a person already under other stresses to become debilitated. People who have a lot of stress in their lives have been known to suffer from constipation and Ibistrol is an excellent source to relieve their constipation and give them one less thing to stress over.

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