Digestive Health and Raw Food to aid in Constipation

The word, constipation, is not readily exchanged in society. If it’s something you personally suffer from then it’s always at the front or near the front of your mind as the symptoms are very distracting. These symptoms include straining, incomplete evacuation feelings, nausea, bloating, flatulence, and pain come from constipation.

Essential to the well-being and health of our bodies is basic detoxification. The symptoms of constipation show just how important it is to maintain a healthy digestive system. A diet which lacks water and fiber can cause constipation and a lack of movement or a sedentary lifestyle contributes to constipation. If you’re discomfort in the restroom have you thinking they’re a real pain the rear, here are a few remedies which are effective and really simple for the relief of constipation.

Fiber supplements you can make yourself

3 Tricks for Constipation ReliefSoluble fibers as well as insoluble fibers aid in the relief of constipation. These attract water, thus softening the stool, making it pass easier. When bulk forms in the digestive tract, contractions are stimulated, getting feces moved out of the bowels.

Soaking ground up chia seeds as well as flax seeds to the point a thick gelatinous substance is formed adds fibers to your diet. This substance can be added to juices, water or even food. Very similar to that gel, slippery elm bark powder can be mixed with water to form a gel. You can add it to more water or juices. Drink this before meals to aid with digestion. A fresh aloe leaf, using only the clear gel portion, the outer green part can irritate the intestines, can be added to water or juices.


3 Tricks for Constipation ReliefThe skin of fruits have insoluble fiber. The flesh of the fruit has soluble fiber and sugar which attracts water.

This list of fruits have the actions of a natural laxative:

  • Rhubarb
  • Figs
  • Prunes
  • Apricots
  • Plums

Freshly made Juices and Water

3 Tricks for Constipation ReliefHave you ever seen a whale which was beached? Ever noticed what gets it moving off the beach and back into the ocean? Water does!

With so many motives to drink plenty of water, constipation is a case where it is needed to soften stools and aid in the easy passing of them.

It’s best to sip on water on a constant basis rather than downing large amounts at one time.

Remedies for Constipation

Fiber- drink it in water or juices by stirring it in, or eat it

Two pieces of fruit rich in fiber should be eaten every day

Water should be consumed every day in the recommended amount of eight, eight ounce glasses

Let Go! Saying this little saying to yourself when feeling frustrated with constipation issues can help! Telling yourself that you can absorb and assimilate with ease all you have to know and with joy, let the past go, can help your mind distress, thus leading to a healthier body, and digestive system.

Always discuss your constipation issues and treatments with your physician.

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