Chronic Constipation Solutions

Millions of people are suffering from problems eliminating wastes from their digestive tracks, also known as constipation. This problem is growing. Possible life threatening issues can occur in elderly patients who suffer from chronic constipation. Anything from diseases in the organs to diverticulitis can occur. In some cases even death can occur. Surgery, prescribed medications, and OTC drugs are not your only answer to this problem. Chronic constipation has some other solutions you can use.

Laxatives, in some cases, make constipation worse over years of use. Initially laxatives may work for constipation, unfortunately addiction to the laxatives can happen. In some cases, the body builds up a tolerance for the laxative, meaning more of it has to be used to get results. Weak digestion can occur, leading to more problems with constipation, making the laxative cycle endless.

Stomach acid is important in the cure for chronic constipation

Get Rid of Constipation For GoodRepairing and rebuilding the body’s capacity to efficiently create stomach acid is essential in the healing of constipation problems. When treating the digestive system the most important thing is HCL or hydrochloric acid, or stomach acid as it is also called. Lacking acid can cause constipation as it is vital in eradicating wastes. Breaking down food is the primary job of stomach acid. Being misdiagnosed with having more stomach acid than is necessary is quite common in people with low amounts of the essential acid. Partially digested foods such as those containing proteins and carbohydrates can ferment, sending unpleasant gases and acid up the esophagus, causing heartburn.

Some physicians see this as more acid than needed, and prescribe a medication which lowers the already low amount of acid in the individual, making things worse.

Bacterial stability in relieving chronic constipation, and why it’s important

Adding probiotics is the step you need to take next to support the digestive system. Foods rich in probiotics include coconut kefir, yogurt, milk which is raw, and vegetables which have been cultured. These foods help to populate your digestive track with bacteria which gets rid of toxins which can get impacted. They also help break down foods.

Magnesium and colon hydrotherapy help alleviating chronic constipation

Get Rid of Constipation For GoodA lack of magnesium can often be to blame for chronic constipation. Processed foods such as meats, grains, and dairy products are the standard diet for most Americans. These foods lack magnesium. Not only to process foods in the digestive system but also to move the digested matter along the intestines, your body needs magnesium to accomplish these things. This mineral also attracts water, this means more water is brought into the colon, allowing for a better formed feces and a smoother elimination.

In order to maintain regular bowel movements colon hydrotherapy and colonics can be used. An enema can have water or coffee in it and it is used to flush the colon out. The removal of fecal matter which might have been impacted is the outcome of the process and can be done to relieve the constipation. Proper diet is then highly suggested to end the cycle.

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