Your child may suffer from constipation due to several reasons. Having your child consume foods that are rich in fiber can help to relieve the condition. You may think that getting a child suffering from the condition to consume more fiber-rich foods is difficult, but it is an easy task. Fiber can be found in different types of foods liked by children such as cereals and fruits. Your child does not need to consume much in order to relieve constipation. Having adequate knowledge about the kinds of foods your child likes can help in improving regularity.

What Amount of Fiber is Needed?

If you know the amount of fiber needed by a child, then it is easy to provide the child with enough amounts of fiber. All you need to do is to add 5 to the age of a child to know the required amounts of fiber in terms of grams. For instance, a 9-year old requires 14 grams every day. It is also essential to give your child enough quantities of liquid in the form of water or fruit juice.

Fibrous Fruits

Fiber-Rich Foods for Children Suffering from ConstipationFruits are fun and sweet to eat. Giving fruits to a child increases the chances of consuming more fiber. Include one or two cups of fruit in your child’s diet every day. Include fruits that are rich in fiber like raspberries, apples, and pears.

One cup of raspberries contains 3g of fiber while one cup of pears contains about 6g of fiber. A cup of apples contains about 3g of fiber. Apples and pears are also essential for a healthy skin.

Versatile Vegetables

Vegetables provide natural fiber. A daily diet with two or three cups of vegetables provides large quantities of fiber. Include vegetables in children’s foods during main meals in order to meet the daily needs of children. A large carrot provides at least 2g of fiber. Include carrot sticks in children’s diet and peanut butter to increase fiber in the diet.

Whole Grains

Fiber-Rich Foods for Children Suffering from ConstipationAvoid refined foodstuffs like white bread because they have low amounts of fiber. Replace such foods with foods that contain whole grains to increase the amount of fiber in children’s diet. For instance, bread that contains whole wheat is good for children suffering from constipation. Whole grains should make up half of the grains in children’s foods. The recommended foods include pasta, rice, and cereals. White spaghetti contains small amounts of fiber compared to the same amount of spaghetti made from whole grains.

Peas, Beans, Seeds, and Nuts

These foods have large quantities of fiber. They also provide proteins to the body. Substituting meat and chicken with beans can help in boosting fiber intake among children without having to exclude proteins. Beans can be added to rice, salad, past meals, and soup. A half-full cup containing kidney beans contains about 8g of fiber. Other essential fiber options include lentils, chickpeas, and black beans. Seeds and nuts can be used to make fiber-rich snacks. Seeds and nuts can also be added to salad and cereal.

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