Depression, Constipation, and How Bananas are superior to pills for Treatment

Bananas are so much more than the fruit which makes smoothies taste better and adds flavor to bland cereals. Many athletic people choose bananas to add electrolytes and give their bodies a boost of energy when needed. This fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins. It can be used to aid in the relief of depression. By soothing the nerves and increasing brain function, bananas can help with the treatment of depression. They can also be used in stimulating regularity in the digestive system, making them a natural laxative.

Bananas can heal damage to the digestive system. They can relieve arthritic pain. Bananas can aid in controlling blood pressure. They even help fight addictions to drugs. One of the most inexpensive fruits, which is labeled a super-fruit, has many benefits that people are unaware of. The small yellow fruit, which has been lying right under our noses, stores a plethora of nutrients that help our bodies in many ways.

Mood and Depression can be relieved by Eating Bananas

Can Bananas Cure Constipation?Tryptophan, also found in turkey, has a calming effect. It is an essential amino acid. Our bodies no not make tryptophan, making bananas a terrific source for this essential nutrient. Depression symptoms have also been relieved by eating this fruit. B vitamins, and the fact that tryptophan transforms into serotonin, helps to perk up mood levels and calms nerves.

As people age taking B vitamins has been known to keep depression at bay. Supplements should be combined with foods containing B vitamins in order to effect depression.

Regularity is Promoted by Bananas

Bananas have soluble fiber as most vegetables and fruits do. To maintain regularity, fiber is essential. Incorporating bananas in your diet regimen will help with the occurrences of constipation and overall digestive health issues.

With large amounts of fiber which aid with digestion, bananas can help with diarrhea by returning the body to regular functioning of the bowels.

Brainpower can be Boosted with Bananas

Can Bananas Cure Constipation?Potassium is abundant in bananas. This mineral is called an electrolyte mineral, the kidneys use this as does the heart as well as other vital organs to maintain normal functions.

Problems with cognitive memory are caused by a deficiency in potassium in the system because neurons of the brain rely on potassium.

To Calm Nerves B Vitamins can Help

There are eight B vitamins and a banana has five. B9 is also called folate, B6 is known as pyridoxine, B3 is called niacin, B2 is best known as riboflavin, and B1 is called thiamin, these five vitamins along with other nutrients, combine to aid in the digestive process. The nerves, heart, and muscles of the body are supported by these vitamins as well, making bananas an excellent source for supporting optimal body function.
B vitamins, which bananas are a great source for, are an important component in producing and maintaining new cells as well as reactions in the body which are biochemical.

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