What is Wilko Constipation Relief Tablets?

Wilko Constipation Relief tablets belong to the group of drugs called laxatives. They work by increasing bowel movements, which in turn facilitates bowel emptying, thus relieving people from the pain of constipation. They are only used for short-term treatment of constipation, but when symptoms persist, doctor’s advice will be needed. Bisacodyl, which is found in this product, can also be used to empty bowels prior to surgical operations in hospitals.


The manufacturer indicated on the website that the drug contains Bisacodyl and no other ingredient was included. Bisacodyl works by increasing bowel movements and loosening stool, which in turn increases bowel movements fully.


For adults, age 10 years and above, they are supposed to take 1 to 2 tablets every day. Tablets should be taken with water. Crushing, chewing or breaking the tablets into small particles is not allowed. You are not supposed to take these tablets for more than five days, and if there is a need for you to take them every day, then you need to consult your doctor. Taking laxatives for a long time may lead to your bowels becoming lazy after you stop the medication.


On the manufacturer’s website, Wilko Constipation Relief Tablets can be purchased at a cost of $1.62 per packet, which contains 20 tablets. You can buy up to a maximum of four packets but there is no discount offered. Store deliveries are free, home delivery will cost you an extra $4 and premium delivery will cost an extra $8 on top of the selling price.

Possible Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, side effects are very rare with an occurrence probability of 0.1%. The possible side effects that can occur from using Bisacodyl include severe allergic reactions, inflammation of the large intestine popularly called colitis, fainting and abdominal discomfort. Others include diarrhea and vomiting, but these side effects occur only when the Wilko Constipation Relief Tablets have been taken in excess.

Pregnant women, hypertensive people, lactating mothers, people with peptic ulcers and any person under any treatment should consult their doctors before taking Wilko Constipation Relief Tablets. Avoid taking Wilko Constipation Relief Tablets with milk or any dairy products because such products impair the function of Bisacodyl. Wilko Constipation Relief Tablets should not be used for weight loss purposes.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer plays a role to ensure that all products are delivered safely and on time. The manufacturer ensures that all products are shipped within 48 hours and delivered to the respective owners by 2pm regardless of the method of delivery chosen. The manufacturer allows you to return products you are not happy with, all you have to do is contact them. There is no time frame given for the return of products.

The Bottom Line

There are no reviews about the product on the manufacturer’s website, but according to our research, we have seen several reviews from other online stores. Many people have written positive reviews about the product which is a clear indication that it functions well when taken appropriately. This product has quite a few possible side effects, and the fact that it can only be taken for a short amount of time means that it is easy to be abused.

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