What is Nu-Lax?

This is a review Nu-Lax, a plant and fruit based product made by Orchard Manufacturing. It is designed to assist in management of constipation and symptoms associated with it. This combination of completely natural ingredients is claimed promote a healthy digestive function by supporting the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, which in turn relieves the symptoms of gastrointestinal inflammation and soothes the digestive tract.


Nu-Lax contains only natural ingredients, including:

  • Senna alexandrina extract equivalent dry leaf
  • Equivalent sennoside B
  • Aloe barbadensis extract equivalent fresh leaf juice

Senna is an FDA-approved herbal laxative, used for treatment of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and in some cases, for weight loss. Sennosides are one of many chemicals found in senna plant. They act by irritating the lining of the bowel, causing a laxative effect. Aloe is used to treat a number of different bowel diseases and it’s typically used for help with constipation.


To achieve the best possible results, make sure you follow the instructions closely. The manufacturer recommends taking one tablet before bedtime with plenty of water. The maximum advised dose is two tablets, reserved for more serious cases of constipation.


The official product website does not have an online shopping feature where you can purchase Nu-Lax. Rather, it is offered by a number of online vendors. The lowest price for one bottle containing 40 tablets of Nu-Lax was $5.95.

Possible Side Effects

This is a product that should only be used when needed and prolonged use may lead to serious bowel problems. Customers who experience pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, are to stop using this product and contact their physician immediately.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer has provided no satisfaction guarantee for this product. This means that customers who are not satisfied with it cannot make a return or expect any refunds.

There was no review present on the official website, and no reviews on the retailer’s page. We were able to find two reviews for the powdered form of this product and both of them were positive.

The Bottom Line

People seem to grow tired of prescription medicines and turn to a more natural approach when dealing with their problems. Nu-Lax is a great example, being made using only plant and fruit material. Despite that, the manufacturer making it does not offer any guarantees for unsatisfied customers, which raises a few concerns regarding this product.

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