What is Holistic Healing Health Dr. Moshrefi’s Digestive Enzyme Complex?

Holistic Healing Health Digestive Enzyme Complex is a supplement that is marketed to be effective for any number of different digestion-related issues. The website is very much devoted to a science-and-research-related marketing scheme, and the product is billed as having an optimal combination of various different enzymes and nutrients that aid in digestion. Conditions that are purported to be addressed by the product include gassiness and bloating, constipation, hunger, and various medical conditions that cause digestive issues.


At the time of our review, we were wholly unable to find any information on the manufacturer’s website on what ingredients are contained in the capsules. We were also unable to find this information anywhere else online or in other sections of the manufacturer’s website.


Holistic Healing Health Digestive Enzyme Complex appears to be a daily nutritional supplement. There is no information on the manufacturer’s website about how many pills are supposed to be taken per day; the only information present is that the bottle contains 90 tablets. In place of the manufacturer, we feel compelled to issue the standard warning for nutritional supplements: that people with preexisting medical conditions, women who are nursing or pregnant, and children under the age of 18 should stay away from the product or at least consult with a doctor before use.


The product is listed on the manufacturer’s website at a cost of $41.00 per bottle of 90 tablets, which works out to $0.45 per tablet. At the time of this review, we could not find the product available for sale in any stores or anywhere else online.

Possible Side Effects

When the manufacturer does not even list the ingredients present in the tablet, we would not expect them to go into any detail on possible side effects. No mention is made of what this product may cause in a user, and without knowing any of the ingredients nor seeing any user reviews for the product online, we have absolutely no information on what possible side effects could come about from the use of this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Unsurprisingly, no guarantee or manufacturer commitment is given.

The Bottom Line

Holistic Healing Health Digestive Enzyme Complex is marketed as a nutritional supplement meant to improve digestion for a number of different medical conditions. To reiterate what has been said in the rest of this review, the product is only listed online at the website of the manufacturer which does not contain any information whatsoever about what ingredients are present in the capsules. There are no third-party certifications, no side effects listed, no user reviews, and no assurance that this is even a real product beyond a single picture of a nondescript bottle with a cheap label. We do not have enough information to even begin reviewing the product and advise consumers who are considering the product to contact the manufacturer directly by email and seek out more information on what the product is before taking any sort of physical or financial risk.

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