What is Effectilax?

This is a review of Effectilax, a senna based herbal supplement. As claimed by the manufacturer, this product helps relieve gastrointestinal discomfort caused by constipation. These coated, easy to swallow tablets provide bowel regularity by stimulating the intestines without causing further straining and pain. Please read on to find out more about this product including the ingredients making it, dosage and time required to achieve optimal results.


This product is made using only dried senna leaves extract. Senna is a plant most commonly used as a nonprescription laxative, not just for constipation relief, but also for irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids. The main ingredients in senna are sennosides, chemicals which irritate the bowel lining, causing the laxative effect.


The manufacturer recommends taking one or two tablets one a day with a glass of water, juice or liquid of your choice. Customers are advised to do this before bed, as it takes around 8 hours for Effectilax to produce results. This allows you to experience relief first thing in the morning at the comfort of your home.


Effectilax is not sold at the official website of the manufacturer. Customers can purchase it at local Walmart and Amigo stores. Furthermore, the manufacturer has not made any information available regarding the price of this product.

Possible Side Effects

Children under the age of 15, as well as pregnant and nursing women must consult with their physician or healthcare professional prior to taking this and all similar products. The manufacturer recommends taking Effectilax for as long as necessary and states that its product is safe for long term use. But potential customers are urged not to extend the use of this product longer than one week at the time.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no information provided on the manufacturer’s website concerning product guarantee. This means that unsatisfied customers have no way of returning the product nor will they be supplied with a subsequent refund.

In addition to containing no information about the returns, the official website also contains no reviews. This is a major downside, as potential customers rely heavily on the experience of other users when purchasing these kind of products.

The Bottom Line

Even though the manufacturer claims that Effectilax can help customers get rid of their constipation problem, there is not enough evidence available online to support that claim. When dealing with a product for which the manufacturer does not offer a guarantee, nor does the product have any reviews, a potential customer will most likely be inclined to go for a product with satisfactory reviews and a money-back guarantee.

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