What is Cure Herbals Constipation Control and Relief?

Constipation can happen to anyone and is one of those things that is greatly inconvenient and very painful but that you won’t even begin to feel unless it’s already too late and it’s already there. There are many ways to treat constipation, the most common being through the use of pharmaceutical laxatives or suppositories that might cause side effects of their own because of their chemical composition. One of these possible side effects can even include poor sphincter control and the loss of control for bowel movements.


Cure Herbals is a company that prides itself on its ability to provide customers with supplements made from natural ingredients that have just as much potential for yielding results as compared to their chemical counterparts.

What we know about Cure Herbals is that the company in general uses herbal alternatives but for their Constipation Control and Relief supplement specifically, there is nothing said on the website on what properties make up this formulation.


Just as there is no mention of the properties and constituents of Cure Herbals Constipation Control and Relief, there is equally also no mention of the dosage or any directions on how to use the product on their site. We are almost certain that dosage instructions are written on the bottle itself (as they always are and should be) but the label is not provided on the site nor anywhere else as we attempted to source elsewhere.


One bottle of Cure Herbals Constipation Control and Relief costs $78. There are 240 tablets in a bottle, but as we don’t know the dosage instructions, we are unsure how long a bottle will last.

Possible Side Effects

No restrictions, warnings, contraindications, or adverse reactions have been covered by the Cure Herbals website for their Constipation Control and Relief supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers a 3-month money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product you can return it and get your money back. You will only get a refund once the manufacturer has received your empty bottles.

The Bottom Line

We have created reviews for numerous supplements of all different varieties and it is common for websites to lack pieces of information such as specific restrictions or instructions on dosage but Cure Herbals Constipation Control and Relief displays no information on the actual product except for the price.

The Cure Herbals page for their Constipation Control and Relief supplement is filled with information on constipation itself, how it may have come to be, its symptoms, diagnosis, and prevention but besides this, even the most basic of product information is lacking from this website. We don’t think it’s a good decision to blindly purchase a product without so much as knowing its milligram content and whether it may have any allergy warnings.

We conclude that though the actual reputability of Cure Herbals and their products may not be in question, it is without a doubt that their website as the primary source of information is lacking.

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