What is Charak Regulax Forte?

Constipation can be a grueling and painful thing to deal with and the process to relieve one’s self permanently of this occurrence can be a long and expensive process. Supplements have been introduced onto the mainstream pharmaceutical market that aim to provide instant relief to constipation, such as Regulax Forte which is a safe and natural way to eliminate stubborn waste by direct bowel stimulation.


According to the Regulax Forte website, this supplement is made up of three key ingredients mainly:

  • Jaiphal
  • Shunthi
  • Bhringaraj

These ingredients have multiple purposes such as actively softening stool, antiemetic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. The also aim to help with digestion.

The Regulax Forte website does not offer any further information on these properties, their place of origin, chemical composition, and potency.


Specific dosage requirements are not displayed on the Regulax Forte website. Instead, there is a link to customer care e-mail which may be an indication that dosage requirements will be different depending on your individual situation and severity of your constipation.

There are directions on the website that mention the avoidance of anything oily or spicy, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, curd, eating at irregular intervals, meals close to bedtime, situations that could possibly bring on stress, and not getting enough sleep. These suggestions have been put in place as general advice against constipation and to help support the effects of the supplement and its ability to reach optimum effects.


Regulax Forte is available for sale directly from their website, however, the currency listed on the website is Indian Rupee. The product is listed as 66INR, which converts to $0.98. It is unknown whether purchasing Regulax Forte from the website with USD will be allowed or whether or not it may incur any additional costs.

Regulax Forte is available on Amazon for $18.45.

Possible Side Effects

The Regulax Forte website clearly mentions that this supplement does not have any interactions with other drugs so it is safe to take even when taking other medications or supplements.

There is no mention of any restrictions regarding age, pregnancy, lactation, or for people with specific medical conditions. Stay on the safe side and consult with a physician before using this supplement or any supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no guarantee or return policy anywhere on the Regulax Forte website for their constipation supplement. There is, however, an allocation for reviews and the option to leave new reviews or questions, but this space is blank which means no customers have left a review yet. On Amazon, where Regulax Forte is also being sold, there are no reviews or ratings.

The Bottom Line

Many products can promise the same effects and some will work, some will not. Regulax Forte might be able to relieve constipation but also may have its customers questioning where its ingredients came from in the first place and what they are. Ingredients used by Regulax Forte are nothing we have seen or heard of before and there is no offer of explanation on the website.

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