What is Bonvit Psyllium Fibre Capsules?

Bonvit Psyllium is one of the supplements on the market today that alleges to offer consumers relief from the complications that arise from constipation. The product also claims to provide users with a healthy and natural source of dietary fiber that ensures the optimal movement of bowels. Bonvit Psyllium capsules are also credited with the ability to help users to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol and offer a gentle relief from constipation. Lastly, the manufacturer claims the supplement gives consumers the convenience that fits in their busy modern lives. This review seeks to examine these claims and give you the correct information based on facts so that you can make a wise purchasing decision.


The manufacturer of this product doesn’t give a comprehensive and clear list of the ingredients they used to formulate the supplement. The only thing they talk about is the inclusion of psyllium husk powder, which is known to help in relieving constipation.


Just as with the ingredients, the manufacturer does not provide clear dosage instructions on their website. They simply tell users always to read the label carefully and only use as directed. They go on to say that if symptoms persist, users should see a doctor.


Again, the manufacturer’s site does not give the price of the product, but they list a few outlets that resell it. We found the price below from one of the online pharmacies that sell the remedy. A bottle of 180 capsules retails for $23.95, but at that time, the reseller was offering it at $19.95.  A bottle of 110 capsules was retailing at a discounted price of $12.95, down from $16.50.

Possible Side Effects

So far, no known adverse side effects accompany the consumption of this supplement. However, all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers need to seek a doctor’s approval before taking this remedy. If you are on other prescription medications, get your doctor’s opinion before consuming the supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no manufacturer guarantee mentioned on the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, the site has no verified user reviews that can give a willing buyer a hint of how effective the product is.

The Bottom Line

Bonvit Psyllium Capsules is a good natural remedy that helps in relieving constipation. The capsules come at a reasonable price and are safe for use. However, the product has a few serious missing links that can cause a potential buyer to seek other alternatives on the market. First, the manufacturer does not back it with a money-back guarantee to cushion a customer if the product fails to deliver. Second, it does not have clear dosage instructions, and this vague approach can lead to abuse and possible injury to consumers. Third, the product does not have a clear list of ingredients on the manufacturer’s website. The lack of a comprehensive ingredient list denies the potential user the right to know whether it contains any component to which they may be allergic. The lack of information about this product may make a user turn to a product that is more open about their product.

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