What is Benefiber Powder?

The digestive system is one of the biggest systems in the body and plays a key role in achieving and maintaining overall health and wellness. When any part of the digestive tract is compromised, undesirable effects occur that could have otherwise been avoided. Benefiber Powder is a potent fiber source that promises to support the smooth running of the digestive system, and unlike other fiber supplements, Benefiber Powder dissolves clear like water, is tasteless, and can be mixed into virtually anything.


Benefiber is a potent source of fiber that gives you exactly what you need. Its properties are natural and pure with no additives, chemicals, or synthetic alternatives. It contains 3g of dietary fibre, which is 12% of your daily intake, and 3g of soluble fibre. Each serving of Benefiber Powder (two teaspoons) is only 15 calories.


For children 6-11 years old, one teaspoon three times a day is recommended. For people 12 years old and older, 2 teaspoons, three times a day, is recommended. Benefiber Powder may be suitable for children under 6 as well, but it is advised that advice from a physician on dosage would be ideal.

Mixing Benefiber with drinks or even including it in cooking doesn’t affect the composition or absorption of the fiber. Benefiber states that their supplement can be mixed with anything except carbonated beverages.


Benefiber Powder is not available for sale directly from their website but a link to where Benefiber is available depending on your location is provided on the website.

On Amazon, a 760g container of Benefiber Powder, which contains up to 190 servings, will cost $27.

Possible Side Effects

The Benefiber website does not state any side effects directly related with Benefiber Powder. It states that Benefiber is safe to use as long as customers stay within the recommended dosage.

There is no mention on whether Benefiber Powder is safe for people with other medical conditions or who may be taking other forms of medications or supplements. It is also not mentioned whether Benefiber may be safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. Stay on the safe side and consult a physician before use.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no guarantee or return policy anywhere on the Benefiber website. There are customer reviews in place with the allocation to leave new reviews. The fact that Benefiber has to be purchased from third-party retailers means that you should pay attention to the return policy of the retailer where you purchase the product.

Benefiber Powder guarantees that their fiber supplement, unlike others, is completely dissolvable and doesn’t thicken liquid. It is also tasteless and can be mixed into any drink and even included in cooking.

The Bottom Line

The high fiber content of Benefiber Powder is a huge advantage and benefit for customers. Their website is also rich in information but lacks a list of possible side effects as well as more specific restrictions such as for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or for people who may have other medical conditions. These pieces of information are vital in ensuring customer safety.

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