Using Stool Softeners the Correct Way

You know you’re constipated if your feces are dry and small or if you have a difficult time passing stools which are hard. Widespread use of OTC and prescribed laxatives is the normal way people treat problems with constipation. Drawing water into the intestines is how stool softeners function, the water is drawn into the feces, making it more pliable so it can move the fecal matter out. Stool softeners are mild and are easier on the body, they do not produce the sudden urges to go to the restroom laxatives, which are harsh, tend to do.

The first step

When you begin taking stool softeners you must consume more fluids. Drink at least eight, eight ounce glasses of liquid in either water or juice forms, a bit of both is a good idea. For added laxative results, make prune juice for one of the servings.

When To Take Stool SoftenersThe second step

Vegetables, fruits, rice, and breads made from whole grains are high in fiber and should be eaten to promote constipation relief. The bulk which is produced by foods that are high in fiber attracts water to the feces in the intestines, this makes it easier for the fecal matter to move through them, evacuating the bowels.

The third step

Before you go to bed, taking a stool softener is a good idea. Juice or water should be drank with it in the amount of eight ounces. The directions for the dosage of the stool softener will be on the package it came in, refer to the directions and follow them.

The fourth step

For up to a week you need to continue to drink eight, eight ounce glasses of liquid, maintain a diet of high fiber foods, and take the stool softener nightly until a bowel movement occurs, which is considered successful, meaning you’ve evacuated as much waste as possible. Stool softeners usually take between one and three days to work effectively.

If this treatment does not work, you should see your physician.

You should never take OTC medications while taking stool softeners unless you get the approval beforehand from your doctor.

When To Take Stool SoftenersNever take stool softeners for more than a period of seven days without the express approval of your personal physician as they are intended to be used only occasionally.

Any child who’s less than six years old should not be given stool softeners unless directed to by their physician.

While breastfeeding or pregnant, or you have abdominal pain which cannot be explained, you should not take stool softeners, unless your physician approves.

Nausea, cramps in the intestines, and sore throat can be caused by stool softeners. You should visit your physician if these side effects last after you’ve stopped taking them or they become severe.

Fever, hives, vomiting, abdominal pain which is sever, trouble swallowing or breathing, are reactions some people have to taking stool softeners. If any of these occur you need to call your physician immediately as these are signs of an allergic reaction.

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