Constipation and Spastic Colons

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) was once known as having a colon that was spastic, a gastrointestinal disorder which often changes from constipation for a while then diarrhea for a time, this is not always the case though. Some people who have IBS can suffer only from constipation which is chronic in nature. Other people with this syndrome have chronic diarrhea. When you suffer from this it matters not what your symptoms to it are, what matters is the cause. With different symptoms different treatments are used to provide some relief. Let us consider the symptoms of constipation caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


What Is A Spastic Colon?Most often this disorder begins in the teen years all the way to the twenties. People must make a straining effort to rid themselves of stools, the stools are not frequent and are hard in nature. The abdomen becomes distended or bloated with movement of the bowels and stool comes out in minute amounts and is dry, round, and small, this results in the feeling of having an incomplete bowel movement.

Those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome have pain in the abdomen and back. They can suffer from heart burn or indigestion. They may also experience weakness and bouts of feeling faint can occur. Heart palpitations can occur and the need to release urine more frequently than normal are other by-products of this disorder.


The motor movement in the intestines is what causes this disorder. There are many varieties of abnormalities which can occur to cause problems. Not only does the small intestine have areas which are hindered, but the large intestine does too, this is where the two different types of suffering occur. This is the case in the variety of IBS which causes only constipation. The cause is different in those who suffer from diarrhea and have this disease.

What Is A Spastic Colon?The person who suffers from IBS has a heightened sensitivity and are aware of the way their bowels work. Sensing bowel movements which are impending is felt by the person with this disorder.

Though the bowels contract and seem to be pushing out a fair amount of wastes, little is expelled, leaving the person feeling like they still have to go, but nothing comes out. The process known as peristalsis is when the bowels contract.

People who suffer from this feel them coming on, and they get worse as time goes by, sending the person to the restroom only to be let down by the amount released and the feeling they are left with.

This disease is one which affects every aspect of life for the person who suffers from it. Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome is hard to say the least. Whether you have constipation or diarrhea or a combination of them both, the effects or symptoms which occur are painful and hard to deal with. Many people find they have difficulty going and doing normal activities others take for granted. A trip to the grocery store can end badly for those who suffer from this.

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