Safely Treating Constipation

It’s no big deal to have constipation on occasion. Most of the time it is solved quickly just by adding hydration. Chronic constipation however can inflame the colon and cause the person who is suffering from it to have an overall uncomfortable feeling. Future problems can occur due to inflammation in the bowels.

The definition and treatment of constipation is something many people have a problem with. Modern medicine approaches constipation with stimulants for the bowels and these can have negative side effects as well as being ineffective as well as unpredictable. People have found them not such a great option for the relief of constipation.

Probiotics and fiber can be mixed to aid with constipation

A symbiotic is a combination of probiotics and prebiotics. Fructooligosaccharides is the type of prebiotic, this fiber is not digestible, and it has an effect which is beneficial and stimulates the growth of bacteria which is healthy in the digestive system. People with chronic constipation can use synbiotics as a treatment that’s safe.

Suggestions for lifestyles

The Safe Way to Handle ConstipationThe addition of vegetables, fruits and fibers to diets will increase the body’s ability to regain control of the digestive system. Daily consumption of grains which are whole, legumes, and bran aid in digestion. These foods have more fiber than other foods per serving, encouraging bacterial growth in the digestive system, this adds bulk to feces.

Meats, cheeses and processed foods are low in fiber and should be cut back on. Stepping up how much water you drink is essential, water should be consumed more, drinking eight, eight ounce glasses per day is recommended.

Though tea, colas, and coffee contain caffeine, which is known to have mild dehydrating effects to the body, they can initiate bowel contractions and this helps move fecal matter down the tract and a bowel movement can occur.

A factor which is important for managing constipation is exercise. Abdominal muscles should be exercised regularly. A brisk walk each day will help you manage your digestive system and aid with the relief of constipation.

If bowel habits become different quickly see your doctor

The Safe Way to Handle ConstipationA medical evaluation should be done in elderly people and even middle-aged people if a sudden change occurs in the way they have been ridding their bodies of waste, especially if it is severe.

Both levels of electrolyte and thyroid hormone should be checked in patients seeking medical attention for constipation. Creatinine, glucose, calcium, and potassium levels should also be checked. Assessing your feces for white blood cells and blood may be required.

If you are older than fifty years old and you experience a sudden change in your bathroom habits, a colorectal screening is considered mandatory. These test can include a barium enema, sigmoidoscopy or possibly a colonoscopy. Here is the base line: The management of constipation that’s chronic without using stimulants is quite possible. Taking a symbiotic, exercising and making improvements in diet can give you relief from chronic constipation both effectively and safely and you could end digestive issues permanently.

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