7 solutions to naturally cure chronic constipation

Chronic constipation is having three or less bowel movements in a seven day period. To have a bowel movement each day is considered to be more than acceptable and completely normal.

Where bowel movements are concerned more is better than less. Chinese medicine believes two to three movements a day are acceptable, providing they aren’t diarrhea or loose. The main indication of constipation is finding it difficult to expel wastes and needing to strain to accomplish it. Without a satisfactory amount of bowel movements feces can remain in the large intestine and colon. This leads to trapped bacteria which turns into toxins and gets into the bloodstream.Many methods of treating constipation are agreed upon by the medical community. There are many different techniques or solutions that doctors approach differently.

Constipation remedies

Quick and Natural Constipation Solutions1 One thing which is agreed upon by all is that holding it in is bound to cause constipation. Some prefer not to use public restrooms and other times there’s just no place to go. Holding it, and ignoring your body eventually leads to an unawareness of when you need to use the restroom. Feces which are left in the bowels becomes dry and becomes hard to expel.

2 To help your pancreas you should add enzyme supplements when you eat. Enzymes can be found in plant foods which are uncooked. Supplementing enzymes is necessary unless you ingest lots of raw vegetables or juices.

3 Mixing water and apple cider vinegar which is unpasteurized or betaine hydrochloric acid before you eat is recommended to increase acids in the stomach, aiding in digestion. Elderly people are encouraged to try this method.

4 To rouse bile production from the gall blabber and encourage the liver to function better, a glass of water, warmed, with lime or lemon added helps.

Quick and Natural Constipation Solutions5 An herbal tonic that works excellently for the colon and lower gastrointestinal tract is Triphala. Adding this to warm water with either lemon or lime in it helps with constipation. For best results take in the evening just before bed or in the morning. Though not a speedy fix, over time this will help with constipation issues.

6 Diets which are low in fats are not a solution to constipation. Taking in good fats from both plant and animal sources is good in aiding to resolve constipation. Fats which are healthy are not processed or hydrogenated.

7 High probiotics should be maintained in the digestive system to promote regular bowel movements.

For quick relief from constipation one can eat prunes or drink prune juice. A little footstool can be used to put your feet on while using the restroom. This mimics a squatting position which helps to use gravity to move fecal material from the lower GI. A method to getting relief quickly is to use an anal douche.

By adding to your diet enzyme supplements, good fats, hydrochloric acids, and herbal tonics you can reduce the number of bouts you have with constipation, and maybe never be bothered with it again.

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